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T.Y. Danjuma And His Catapault

A shot of catapault stone in the leg

But for the sake of brevity, the header would have been - "Retired General T.Y. Danjuma; His Sling And Stone"
But as we could all see it would have been what the Hausas call "dogo turenchi" and a post header too long for comfort.
What did we just hear from T.Y. Danjuma, just of recent? Did we hear him say "Nigeria lack capacity to govern themselves?" Did T.Y. Danjuma of a truth said it? And if of a truth he said it, did he really meant it or it dropped out of his mouth? As Yorubas will put it. Or maybe he never said such but the reporters just want to sell their papers, or the online hawks want visitors and traffic to their newsportals.
But if of truth he said it, then with humble respect to his age as an elder and a statesman, we would rather put it mildly, and gently, he shot himself in the leg.
Not with a gun this time but with a catapult.
There is a way you pull a catapult, with the intent of shooting out the stone at a target prey; but suddenly the elastic strings slipped out of control and instead of the stone flinging off, it landed on one of your foot having narrowly escaped one of your eyes by whiskers.

This was really the scenario with Retired General T.Y. Danjuma. The stone narrowly missed his eyes, otherwise he have really shot himself in the eyes, not in the foot. Again, with due respect and honour and humble regards, sir.
I have never seen a nation where the entire citizens occupy the presidential Villa or Government House, all in the name of wanting to prove to all of their capacity to govern themselves. But all things being equal, it will always be a representative of the people that must occupy the position of leadership. Be at national or state level.
Would the ilks of T.Y. Danjuma have allowed
 Weah to win or be sworn in had it been
I have never seen four kings governing a city, not even two. It will always be one nation one President and one state one governor or one province one prefect. As in the case of francophone nations.
Where then did Danjuma insulted the intelligence of Nigerians and added insult to their injury?
Danjuma has been part of a cabal who never allowed competent hands to govern this country.
Danjuma was part of the mafia and cabal in 1979, who allied with Obasanjo on behalf of their pay master oligarchist, to ensure that "THE BEST CANDIDATE MAY NEVER WIN" in the presidential elections. Even when situation would have been remedied at the electoral college, they ensured it never got there! The 12 two third formula was used to retire Justice Harley Alexander as the then chief justice because who won't dance to that mathematical abracadabra and in came Justice Fatai Williams, who was ready to dance!
Then they handed over power to the worst candidate in terms of competence and capacity, who took Nigeria down the road of economic doom and perdition!
As a fresh school leaver then, throughout my five years in secondary school, I never came across the word AUSTERITY in our P.S. Tredgido  Practical English from form 1 - 5. It was from the mouth of the WORST CANDIDATE Danjuma and his cohorts ensured won and they handed over power to that I first heard that word. Free YouTube Subscribers & Video LikesAnd that was after he ran Nigerias economy to a gridlock! After he utterly grounded the economy. Ever since, Nigeria is yet to recover.
Here was a man late Murtala Mohammed, had originally disqualified in any presidential race, knowing his antecedents. But Danjuma & co prequalified and requalified him after Murtala was killed!
In a job test and interview, I have never seen the candidate who performed below average in compency test clinch the job. But Danjuma and his co travellers ensured that in 1979!
Therefore for him to now turn around and be accusing Nigerians of lacking capacity to govern themselves is a direct insult on our collective intelligence.Free Website Visitors
Tunde Idiagbon came shining like a comet. Took and shook Nigerians by the jugular and woke them up to be disciplined, orderly and responsible citizens. Idiagbon will sneeze in Lagos and Maiduguri several kilometres away, will catch cold and snap to attention!
We are simply proving baba T.Y. how wrong he is. And putting it to him, as a lawyer will put it a wrong witness in the dock, that Nigerians have capacity to govern themselves if....and if....the powers that be did not snuff life out of their choice leaders. Even the same way they snuffed life out of Murtala Mohammed, T.Y. Danjuma's tireless erstwhile boss. Another beacon of light that made a mess out Danjuma's darkness of false allegations against Nigerians.
It will simply be a waste of emotional energy to be pointing accusing fingers at any for the short stay in leadership, of these shining lights, Idiagbon, Mohammed, including the sage and statesman per excellence, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. A man whose short stint as the Premier of the old Western Region put the region years ahead of others as at press time. A man who accomplished feats of "first in Africa" in the days of his stewardship in old Western Region.
Murtala Mohammed: Charity begins at home.
Even as a good family man.
A man whose competence and capacity govern, Murtala Mohammed himself attested to, then as a young captain after driving him to his house when he got released from prison. An assignment Murtala termed a privilege. Both Awolowo, Mohammed and Idiagbon are not Ghanians but blue blooded Nigerians, fully loaded with potentials, capacity and ability to govern and govern well.
But did the ilks of Danjuma gave them a chance? Nope, their collective selfish pecuniary interest won't.
To reminiscent on how and why Nigeria missed these men is to be crying over split milk.
We leave that till another day.
But for now, till eternal ages to come the sterling leadership qualities and competence of these men have above all proved Danjuma wrong - that Nigerians does not have capacity to govern themselves. Nope. Nigerians have capacity to govern themselves, if right and competent men are allowed to govern them.
The examples of men of sterling leadership qualities hand picked above, among several others that cut across tribes and regions in Nigeria, knocked the wind off and out of Danjuma's sail. They poked big holes in the kite of Theopillus, so that it cannot take off the the ground, much more of flying.
Credentials and testimonials of these men and their likes across the length and breath of Nigeria disqualified Danjuma's thesis.
Rather the question Danjuma need to answer the whole world is; will the cabals and mafias of the ilk of T.Y allow "the best candidate" to win and govern?
                                     Soji Omole

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