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A Case Of Once Bitten

Yes.....twice shy,  so goes the saying, once bitten. I believe any who is not blinded to buy their masquerade gauze - politics and religion should come to term with this.
But so sorry,  Fela the musical prophet has describe them with one single lyric "Mr follow follow"
Yes like a sheep been led to slaughter,  they will fall for their green grass.
Could it be mine own spiritual status that makes me this "unjazzable" like others?  Or the faith I profess which
forbids religious bigotry and fanatism, a spill over effect of  which made not a political animal like others? I leave time to tell.
Want more proofs?
Ever watched the film Afonja?  Ever heard of the story of Sarkin Yumfa in Sokoto? All these men hosted and accommodated them to their own peril. Tinubu Burdillion Ikoyi also accommodated one of them when he was looking for 'the thing' the moment he got 'the thing' in 2015, he turned Tinubu to a doormat. The National Assembly coup of that year,  was his handiwork to rubbish Tinubu. Now it is grievously backfiring on his government. The budget of a year is yet to be passed as at May.
Now that 2019 is close by,  he is suddenly now at his ingratiating best with Tinubu again. Haba,  even a greche pupil won't  fall for such Trojan gift.
I remain in APC for life. But my vote won't go for any blue blooded man of their stock. Not even at ward level.

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