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Dino And Catapults In Authority

Pay day for marveric garrulity and loquacity
Celebrating pay day for marveric garrulity
and loquacity?
The point still remain that somebody somewhere may be out to act out a script concerning Dino Melaye's saga. Nor can we say the last has been heard of it.
Outlining and cataloging how it all began is to waste much of our time.
But there is a lesson to be learnt. You don't enter into bouts with men greater than you in influence and authority. Kawai, like Hausa's will say. First it was the wife of the party leader on which back you cruised to the senate.
Dino insulted the wife on the floor of the Senate
Then went to Lagos to dare the husband
You were so adamant and unrepentant that you went to his Ikoyi home in Lagos to dare him. Next is the governor of your own very State, Kogi. To the extent of you composing and singing derogatory songs online to insult even your own state Governor!
Even the president and commander - in - chief was not spared of his garrulous loquacious misdemeanors.
Buhari: Also collected his own stroke of Dino's cane
There is a proverb in Yoruba land that whoever is bigger and greater than you can fling you off. They not only flinging him off now but they are flinging him about and all over the place. 
Only God alone knows where next the catapults of constituted authorities Dino marched on their toes will fling him.
                            Soji Omole

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