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Dino: A Police Case Summary

How it all began......

1. Criminals were arrested in Kogi state with AK47 assault riffles.
2. Arrested criminals named DINO has their sponsor
3. Police wrote a letter to Dino for explanation,  Dino ignored the letter.
4. A week later,  the Police wrote to the Senate,  asking for DINO,  Senate ignored the letter.
5. A week after again,  another invite to the SARS headquarters was again extended to DINO,  yet again,  he refused.
6. Police declared him wanted
7. The arrested criminals escaped from their cells, and Dino gave the police 24 hours to produce the criminals.
8. The criminals were all apprended two days later and rearrested. Dino was invited again and he for the 5th time refused.
9. At Offa in Kwara State,  he was prevented from been arrested by Saraki and the Vigilantes.
10. He was stopped at the Airport by the immigration,  and he snatched back his passport from the immigration, and bolted away,  before the Police could get there.
11. The police traced him to his house,  and laid seige there,  when he refused to  submit himself for arrest.
12. 24 hours later,  Dino submitted himself for arrest.
13. He was taken to SARS headquarters for processing,  and then was been taken to  Lokoja for an identification parade.
14. In a commando style attack,  a white hilux truck slammed into the front end of the security vehicle,  Dino was in,  and in the confusion,  Dino bolted into the near by bush.
15. A hot chase by the police got DINO caught,  and rearrested.
16. An ambulance from no where appeared, in response to the Police call for an ambulance. The police thinking it was in response to their call,  allowed DINO to be conveyed in the ambulance.
17. On discovering that the ambulance belongs to the National Assembly and was DINO getaway Plan B,  they chased the Ambulance  and caught up with it at Zanklin Hospital,  where the driver of the ambulance,  Dino and the hospital Director were arrested,  and Dino taken custody of,  by the Police.
I. G.  Doing his job or acting a vendetta  script? 

Now you know the story so far, between the Nigerian Police and Dino. 

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