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Politics My Foot

My take is that after the goof, be it as a result of the errors in the typesetting or another reason, midway to the speech, the IG resorted to give and finish the speech orally and impromptu, with occasional glances at the mistyped speech, without directly reading it again.
Otherwise why did the other video clip not begin the speech RIGHT from the beginning?
Here is my objective non biased non partisan observations and analysis.
1). There is the possibility of a typo error on the speech,  which got the I.G. confused and which can get just anybody confused.
And I mean just anybody, especially in front of a crowd. And when you are confused, especially publicly, you lose every sense of discretion, and get even more confused.
Dropping the speech fast and continuing orally in such a situation is what we call a split second decision. But only one out a thousand could have taken it until the damage is done. The I.G. simply didn't decide on time, until the visibly embarrassed aide waded into the matter.
Thank God for that personal aide's intervention.
2). I.G. Idris traducers added pepper, salt,  onions and Maggi cubes to it. No thanks to technology. No thanks to politics.
3). After that gentleman aide came to help out, the I.G. may now have decided to put the mistyped speech aside and render the rest of the speech orally and impromptu, which again his supporters are now using defend him.
He is not a dumb man anyway, and policing has been his profession of over 30 yrs.
If any remember the NTA soap: TheProfessionals
in the 80s. Abba Kyari and
his team look like the real life version
Even if he can't speak any grammar, at least he know the police languageand technical terms, to round up such speech and exit the podium.  And that he used to finish the rest of the speech orally to save the day. With visible occasional glances at seen in the second video clip his supporters are now flaunting.
4). That the second video being used to defend I.G. continued midway to the speech, gave it all away that something went wrong somewhere along the way at the beginning of redition of the speech.
The first speech I.G. traducers were using, began with him observing protocols, proving that was the beginning of a speech rendition.
The second speech on the part of I.G. supporters, was a midway continuation of a speech, without directly reading from the text again,  after his personal aide's intervention.
It can happen to just anybody, even  fercund and erudite orators.
Politics my foot.

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