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The Modern Day Invasion Technique?

The game is up for them, but not after a lot
of damage is done to families and lineages

The story is told of how King Yunfa, the Hausa Sarkin in Gobir (now called Sokoto) hosted a Fulani immigrant called Usman Dan Fodiyo and his group in February 1804, as a result of this and since 1808 the whole of the Northern region lost its kingdoms and were replaced by Fulani Emirates.
King Yunfa is said to have been killed in 1808 and the Fulani warrior (Usman Dan Fodiyo) established Sokoto caliphate, making himself Sultan.
Several days of carnage and massacre for the
 thieves of invaders, one day for the
 rightful owners of the land

Gradually, other Hausa kingdoms were pillaged and taken over by the Fulani emirs. The ethnic groups in the core north were the first victims of Fulani imperialism, a venture that occurred because the people were given access to grazing land as a result of the hospitality of the hosts.
They however failed to overrun the Bornu kingdom, so the Shehu of Bornu remains paramount till  today!
The Afonja dynasty compromised by allowing a Fulani warrior known as Janta Alimi to settle in Ilorin, the Fulani guerrillas killed Afonja in 1824

Their illicit armoury
In Venue State
And Ilorin, a Yoruba town under the Oyo empire, fell into Fulani hands, becoming an emirate under Sokoto caliphate till today! Even the attempts of the O'odua People's Congress (OPC) to revert to status quo ante and crown an Onilorin of Ilorin became an exercise in futility.
Ilorin township
The Yoruba warriors got wise and defeated the Fulani jihadists in Osogbo in 1840, at Jalumi war. Had this not happen, there would most likely have been Fulani "emirs"  as rulers in Oyo Alaafin, Ibadan, Owo, Osogbo, Ede, Ado, and Igede Ekiti today!
Another cosmopolitan view of Ilorin
If the Bini Kingdom did not fight and repel the jihadists, they would have penetrated the Edo/Delta region beyond the present day Edo North Senatorial District which gave in and allowed the jihadists to overrun and islamize them.
Along with some ignorant folk most of them are now angling for grazing areas and a corridor through the entire federation. These grazing areas will in future become Fulani settlements, later commmunities and finally local government areas with elected officials.
Sokoto township
If you think I am being alarmist, look towards the once beautiful and serene middle belt state of Plateau. Think of all the rancorous happenings for years even in Jos the capital city.
Therefore, it will not be farfetched to conclude that the Fulani herdsmen are pawns in an agenda to overrun all towns in Nigeria! So that we will have emirs in Owerri, Enugu, Benin, Agatu, Abeokuta and other towns where FG creates "grazing reserves" for Fulani herdsmen!
Cow goes to school - like Eze goes?

If Yunfa didn't accommodate Fodio and his warlike immigrants from Futatoro, Hausa sarkins would be ruling today in the north!

And if Afonja didn't conspire with Alimi, a Yoruba kingdom would not have been ruled by Alimi's offspring till today!
It is a subtle continuation of the 1804 Fulani jihad by the fully-armed and protected Fulani herdsmen with an age-old agenda to overrun and Islamize the whole of Nigeria very quickly.
I will end this with what someone rightly said- "THE GRAZING BILL is not an attempt to solve the problem, it's a subterfuge to progress the agenda"
Ankole cows in Uganda
Can you imagine their order and decorum?

It's an age-old political strategy really- ..create a problem, come up with a "solution" that advances the cause, and then give it a legal backing.
Make it look like a win-win situation.

Let us all be wise as serpents.... read between the lines....and CONTINUALLY refuse a subtle invasion through the 'Grazing Bill'

Author Unknown.
Our take at Soji Graphics:
Let all remain vigilant and continue to resist and refuse their invasion
from generation unto generation ensuring that they proceed no further with
their wicked devices in our lands under whatever guise,  grazing bill, political manipulation, religious fundamentalism or what have you.
Bitter as it may, the truth remains that they are not loyal to any political party,  APC,  PDP or ADC, neither to any religion no religion Christianity or Islam, no matter the level of fundamentalism they propagate it with. Their mission is conquer and annex others lands and kingdoms, conquer rule and dominate if possible oppress and repress them, peradventure they are resisted. Religion remain a cloak wore over that dagger of an instrument to accomplish the above missions underneath.
We just hope the Director's head
did not roll for this....
If they can still manipulate the old colonial masters, twist their hands and make them settle for indirect rule system applicable only in the then old north, after they were conquered by the then British colonial lords, tell me of what they cannot do with any who play careless?
Therefore, let all hands be on deck to always and continually stop them in their tracks every inch of the way!
Folks, this is NOT a hate speech, or a call to genocide against any. But a call for all to be vigilant in order to secure our future and that of our children, and not become slaves in our own father's land. AND NOT ALLOW AFFLICTION TO COME THE SECOND TIME!
This is not a time for any to be carried away with blind political bigotry - for they belong to all parties. Nor be carried away with blind religious fundamentalism. Because none of the religious prophets run a restaurant in Paradise nor run a poultry of chic virgins. As one of stated in the video clip above.
Eternal vigilance, the saying goes, is the price of freedom. 

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