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Republic of Biafra was Declared on this Day in 1967

"On May 26, 1967, Col. Ojukwu summoned an emergency meeting of the Eastern Nigerian Consultative Assembly to review the situation.

The following day, Col  Gowon, in a nationwide broadcast, proclaimed a state of emergency throughout the country, and announced that he was bringing into force a decree dividing the country into 12 States. Three of which were to be in the east and six in the north, with the west and mid-west remaining as they were. The Federal capital, Lagos, was constituted into the twelfth state.
Line up of ex- Nigerian leaders preceding the war

The Eastern Nigeria Consultative Assembly already in session in Enugu reacted the same night by passing a resolution empowering Col. Ojukwu to declare the region the independent republic of Biafra. Col. Ojukwu did so on May 30, 1967.

However, Col. Gowon announced that Col. Ojukwu had been dismissed from the Nigerian Army, and relieved of his post of Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria.

Nevertheless, fighting broke out between federal troop and Biafran forces on July 6, 1967, when the federal government announced it was taking 'clinical police action' to end the rebellion in Eastern Nigeria.
A line up of post civil war leaders close to a decade later. Many of them actors in the war.
The campaign was expected to last a few weeks or a few months at most, but it spanned two and a half years.......

Our take @ Soji Graphics
The recent killings and insecurity in the nation especially by Fulani herdsmen while with the likes of Sultan of Sokoto and other leaders - both traditional and political, who suppose to know better keeping mute and played the fiddle but crying wolf each time a cow or Fulani man is touched is a proof that Nigerian is yet to learn from the  history of this bitter war.
Is any greater than God?
This provocative action of "dare it again and we wipe your ass" can only be answered back by God Himself,  Whom we will continue to call upon, until He answers and rain his fiery wrath and judgement upon these agents of darkness; their collaborators and sponsors inclusive.

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