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All Hail Àfònjá The 2nd

All hail Afònjá II, this time based not in Ilorin but Bourdillion Street, Ikoyi. 
Or what do you expect from a man, the national presumed national leader of a political party whose focus is only on politics, politics, politics and his pet political party? When actually his so called political friends and allies got a far reaching agenda that goes beyond politics and a political party? Which are among many others pasture for their cows, land  and power grabbing, territorial annexation and expansionism, you name it. 
After open grazing bill failed, what next was another bill - Waterways Bill. Same way they grabbed Liberty Stadium Ibadan,  Western Nigeria Television, now annexed to NTA, their next kill is our waterways.
Who knows if these ones are also
passing the warning across
The Water Ways bill of course will also fail again, as God liveth before Whom I stand. The same way - the backdoor - they brought in the bill,  the same way it will take and be thrown into the trash can! 

Now back to Afonja II, this time having his base in Ikoyi - Lagos, not Ilorin. 
That was how Afonja I of Ilorin, thought he met an ally and friend in Janta Alimi. Not until Janta, pretending to be helping Afonja spread his political and military  influence through Trojan gift of mercenary soldiers, loyal only to him and not Àfonja, walked him down to his own very grave!
Modern day soldiers: Not on horseback but
using sophisticated operational vehicles
Posterity and history will judge us and his wife -Remi right, that we warned Afonja II of Bourdillion Ikoyi, same way Afonja I was warned even in his dream by his own very father and by his Personal Assistant who also doubled as his Chief of Staff - Ológòló. 

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