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Mobutu's Trojan 🐴 Horse

One was a nationalist and freedom fighter, the likes of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Oliver Thambo of South Africa, the other was a fun loving somewhat ambitious trained journalist, with a brief stint in the military, before he reverted to civilian life again and continued as a journalist.
These briefly described both Patrick Lumumba and Joseph Mobutu. Later to be known as Mobutu Sese Seko Mgbandu.
Mobutu was one of Lumumba's boys in the struggle to wrestle power from the imperialists and colonialists. Just like Dele Alake was one of Tinubu's boys in June 12, struggle and NADECO days.
Patrick Lumumba and one of his boys
Joseph Mobutu at the background.
Lumumba's focus and passion was to build his nation, but Mobutu got his own idea and agenda
Patrick Lumumba won the battle and power changed hands.
And the colonial masters got no choice than to leave, along with all their structures. The military included. All the white officers in the then Congo military have to go, leaving behind the indigenous soldiers and also leaving a vacuum of who to head and lead the new Congo Army.
Mobutu: Saluting a boss he later slaughtered like a cow, just like Compaore did his own boss,  Sankara
Lumumba the newly sworn in Congolese President looked across the rank and file of his boys for any who have a military experience, if only just a military background. And the cap fits Joseph Mobutu.
Then did Patrick Lumumba took the most naive and casual decision ever by asking Joseph Mobutu to head the Army.  Thinking it was just another political portfolio cum appointment. A kind of a special assistant or special adviser sort of.
A casual, careless and lackadaisical decision that was to cost Patrick Lumumba his office as president and his own very life!
So at his boss instructions, Joseph Mobutu took command and control of the Army.
And in a matter of years Mobutu did not only use the barrel of the gun to betray and overthrow his earstwhile boss Lumumba, he publicly humiliated him in the process.  Tying up Lumumba publicly with a rope like a goat ready to be roasted for a Christmas barbecue!
So Joseph Mobutu took over the reins of power in the old Congo.
Then with Mobutu began a reign of terror, barbarism, despotism, nepotism and corruption ever to be witnessed in the annals of African history. Even a reign of hedonism whereby Mobutu married two twins sisters together as wives and where any of his cabinet ministers count themselves favoured and honoured to have Mobutu sleep with their wives. It was that horrid!
Mobutu and Ali: Nothing to offer Zaireans but grandiose showmanship and celebrity hobnob 
And all old Congo citizens have to show for years of Mobutu's reign were two changes.
1). The change of the name of the country from Congo to republic of Zaire.
2). Joseph Mobutu's change of name to Africanised Mobutu Sese Seko Mgbandu.
Other than that, it was suffering and smiling all the way.
Seeing that he was fast losing popularity and public good will, a bright idea struck the now Mobutu Sese Seko's mind.
Mobutu knew the place of Patrick Lumumba in the psyche, heart and mind an average Congolese or Zairean rather. To them Lumumba was the father and hero of Zairean independence and freedom from the colonialists.
Knowing Lumumba is still etched in the heart
of an average Zairean, Mobuta cashed on it again to woodhink them politically. 
So Mobutu proclaimed a day with a big bang celebrated with full pomp and peagentry! All in honour of Patrick Lumumba! The same man he publicly humiliated and disgraced out of power.
The drums were rolled out with full military grandeur and glamour. Patrick Lumumba, hitherto buried like a dog, was exhumed and reburied with full military honours, with 21 guns salute! Accompanied with fine speeches and eulogies ever. The streets were decorated and filled with crowds and everything was beamed to the whole world both on the tubes and screens, the airwaves inclusive.
With this Trojan 🐴 gift, Mobutu was able to steal the hearts and minds of Zaireans for some time as his reign of terror and ophobrium continued.
But again not for a long time as the likes of Desire Kabila refused to fall for that Trojan 🐴 horse.
Kabila: He refused to fall for the
Trojan 🐴 horse
And we all know the rest of the story. Even as Desire Kabila bidded his time and mapped out his strategies.
Without much ado, let all and sundry read between the lines and thread with caution. Let not any get enthralled and be charged emotionally like the Zaireans, at the current Trojan Gift thrown to Nigerians, especially the South Westerners in the wee hours of the month of June. Let all watchmen remain prayerfully watchful in the situation room and all strategists on their drawing boards and let not any get carried away, by the breeze and flattery of June 12.
To everyone, the clarion call still is....."shine your eyes" like Daddy Showkey will rap in one of his songs. 

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