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Supposing There Was No Face-off Between The Duo?

  • Saraki did NOT send them on a robbery mission but the fact still remains that they are - not even were - but they ARE his political thugs and boys. And he finances them from time to time. He did NOT send them on a robbery operation, yet what boosted their confidence to engage in such dastardly act must be their link with him and being sure of their protection in the face of any eventuality.
    Supposing there was no face off between Idris and Saraki, how are we sure those boys would not have gone scott free, courtesy of their link with the powers that be?
    How many criminals must have robbed and got away with it, courtesy of their links with the high and mighty? That was why one of them, kayode Opadokun was so confident that he went bathing with champagne.
    This revelation has opened the eyes of all that though they may not be sent by these men in high places to rob, but they have their protection in case of any arrest, because they are handy tools in their hands as political thugs. Available to do hatchet jobs for them, each time occasion arises.
    The question still is, supposing there was no face off between Saraki and Idris? Supposing all was well between the two and there was congeniality and a convivial rapport between the duo?
    Acting the script of a lord and master since his days at Societé Genérale Bank
    Or were they not thugs working
    for both master and servant?
    Just a phone call and that would have been it as it was with widely reported cases of like, with no head and tail. The case would have been closed and similarly swept under carpet. Or were the killers of Bola Ige apprehended till date? How many cases have been closed that way and victims of their operations died in vain?

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