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When God Came With His Coconut Kernel

When God came calling with His Divine judgement visiting Abacha in 1998, why didn't any of the leaders, be it Northern, Afenifere, ACF or Ohaneze wait for Him, make IM break the same coconut kernel on for dia head?
Even a world acclaimed Evangelist and prominent man of God who was an apologist of his then, went down with him that same year. In fact the man went first before Abacha!
When he and AL - Mustapha were holding Nigeria and Nigerians to ransom via military might
Abacha: Holding Nigeria and
Nigerians to ransom with full military might
But when God came.........
That same year 1998!
Na only toddler prophets like us, knew how it was going then, when the bigger ones have been compromised after spending some nights in cosy Abuja Hilton and it's cuisines.....
God is no respecter of person or titles.
So when another mad cow disease breaks out very soon, as it did in Britain some years ago and begin to afflict both cows and herders, let not any say God is taking matters too far.
Cows struggling for space at the
State secretariat in Umuahia
Of course they will again lay it all at His doorstep as usual.....allah sai.....bla bla ad infinitum.....
And He that executes righteousness and judgement for them would not have given a damn anyway.
Last resort to stay alive?
We know some cows in human skin will say
"If need be" And any who dare say so, let him expect
God's fiery wrath soonest
Because He - God, won't sit back in heaven and be watching mortal men daring Him with this kind of audacious impunity.
He that have ears, let him hear. Politics apart. Human lives far more essential important to us here, than political partisanship. 

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