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On Football And Partisan Politics

To all my friends, classmates and relations in APC and PDP, the moment of truth has finally come.
2 things I have not allowed to get into my head, lest it affect my rational reasoning and thinking are (1). Football and (2). Partisan politics.
In as much as my apartment shared a wall with a football viewing centre, I have never gone there for once. Not even at this world cup season. So what happens between coach Murhino and Muri or Rossi no be my business but their businesses.

As for politics, I will expose myself today:
I am and will forever remain non partisan till His kingdom come. Rather, I remain in the sideline of objective unbiased reviews and commentaries. Even on the side of good governance far above political partisanship.
Year 2008, I was privileged to be in Bauchi Township and Calabar at different intervals. The kind of road network I saw in Bauchi and it's environs set my mouth agape.
Yet not a month of salary went upaid to Bauchi state civil servants, despite these massive road projects. Why then would I speak against Muazu? All because he was not in my party?
The aesthetics order and projects I saw in Calabar city, from there to Ugep to Ikom to Obudu township and a Section of Obudu Ranch and Resorts bordering Cameroon mountains, will never make me to open my mouth against Donald Duke. Same goes for Fashola in Lagos State, Danjuma Goje in Gombe. Even in Dutse Jigawa, I can't but thumb up for governor Sule Lamido. Sule Lamido went researching to as far Ghana to adopt an health care system for his state - The Gunduma Health System. GOOD GOVERNANCE!

While our own in Osun then was busy carousing and reveling with his..... at Mcomm Gulf and Resorts in Ada, burning away his state money on frivolities.
That's why I can't but be bemused when I stand against an APC candidate and the hardline Hutu hawks go gaga. And when I bounce on a PDP candidate and the Tutsi rebels go haywire.....

Now here is the evidence below of two sitting governors - treated like common criminals in their own country - Ameachi and Oshiomole. Soldiers turning themselves to glorified bouncers! To bounce them off Ekiti State if need be with "MAXIMUM FORCE" in year 2014.
Yorubas say "oun tó ntán l'egungun odun....."
Now come year 2018, the table radically turned against Oshoko the protegé of oga Jona the "MAXIMUM FORCE" crooner and originator. The chickens, both cockerels and hens finally coming home to roost.
And now he is left alone to face it. Jelili, Kòró and oga Jona, nowhere to be found. Not even their breaklight nor their radar picking signals.

Are we God to alter His divine laws of "seed time and harvest"? Nope!
That any, reading this is an atheist is of no consequence.

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