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The Rock And The Quarry Manager: Adejare Ibrahim

The Rock after passing through the hand of the quarry manager.... 
Humbly Fayose trekked to the palace of the Ewi of Ado Ekiti without the normal ganranganran and kakariri. 
On getting to the palace, Fayose waited, patiently, till the Ewi (the paramount ruler of Ado) came out to attend to him; unlike before, when the Oba would be on his feet, waiting for Peter The Rock.

When the Ewi appeared, Peter the Rock calmly and fully prostrated with maximum respect to the Oba. After that, he said, Kaaaabiyesi! He also waited patiently till the Ewi told him to stand up and have his seat. 

Then, he stated his plight (with an emotion-ladened voice): Kabiyesi sir, I want you to help me prevail on the security agencies, sir. Their presence around the Government House is choking and stiffening, sir.

Hehehe Kabiyesi sir, sir, sir! How many sirs you wan use bribe the Ewi of Ado, Mr Peteru The Rock? Ti owo kill and go ba te onigberaga o n'gentle kehin ni. Lol

Kabiyesi answered, well, the most important thing is that no life was lost during the election.
As for your complaint, we will look into it and do something on it. Immediately, the Governor left. Chai! 
The Ajagunfèhìnbalè
Of Ekiti kete

Election can bring some arrogant politicians on their knees. Election loss is the beginning of humility. Arrogance precedes downfall and disgrace, so say our elders.

-Adejare Ibrahim

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