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The Strategy That Won't Fly A Kite

For air freighting of cows or dead bodies?
I know the hardline Hutus will never expect this sudden uppercut jab.
The Ekiti party is over. And Oshoko has reaped what he sowed bountifully, in 2014.
Let's now return to our trenches and "continue from where we discontinued"
Na for cows or deadi bodies?
Màlúù le fé máa fi bàlúù yí kó ni àbí òkú èèyàn?

You can't just use this to distract the world's attention just like that. Especially immediately after leaving ICC, where many questions are left unanswered!
Is it that one does not desire progress nor want good things for his country? Nope.
But not immediately after leaving ICC. It is a diversionary tactic to take the world's mind off issues involving human lives. A diversionary tactic that won't work.
Wrong timing! Wrongly timed! Designed to whittle away weightier issues on the table of the ICC and before the court of world's opinion. Wallehi, it won't fly!
It is a strategy dead on arrival! Account for those lives first, si vous plit.......
Then we can now begin to think of how and when to fly your planes.
Tutsi rebels stay out of this please.......

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