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Tory Don Get Cow Leg: Soji Omole

Ilé, Ilé koko ntagbé. Ilé làbò sinmi oko. The party is back to base again as a regional political party after a brief sojourn at the centre. Where it has been used by myetti jamba for their revenge missions and expeditions. And now dumped by the same Northern hegemonists, that used it as kétékété to ride to wrestle power back to the north from Jonathan in year 2015.
In Kano a mere exoskeletal remains, Kwara gone yesterday, Sakwato today, next? Even in diplomatic circles, we receive a fax message or is it mail from far away South Africa.
On Another Vendatta Expedition? 

Hardline Hutus how market, Sha?
These people's interest pass political partisanship now. I keep saying it but you won't listen, but na missiles of insult on my person. But you are ready to para insult on any and kill yourself because of your political party.
How much una don chop so far since you have been insulting and killing yourselves because of your party?
Some of you only drank a cup of coffee and got N5000 as transport money on a visit to a house of reps member in Abuja, ***winks@somebody somebody sitting beside me here**** While these men who are dumping your party today rode and used your party as common jèkkí (ass) to Government House and top Senate seat corralled and cornered billions of Naira as security votes and constituency allowances.
It's like bow leg this one don get
Can you see your life?
And many of you will still begin to para insults at me after posting this, with free data mode, from benevolent Airtel or 9mbile, while those who plundered your party defects and smiles back to their party with billions of naira.
Chai! Chai! There is God oooo.
Una no get shame? Abi na shame no get you?

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