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Yinka's House Of Music - Case Of A Stitch In Time

Let us first and foremost say - it is well with you, Yinka Ayefele. Maybe a 7 - 9 feet setback from the road would have screwed Oyo State government, to pay grievous damages even in billions. After all, the rest of the land still belongs to you. There is this proverb in Yoruba land that today's weather may differ from tomorrow's, which makes a diviner consult his oracle every 5 days.
No one would have expect this in the days of your chummy social rapport with Chief Adebayo Alao Akala, the erstwhile governor of Oyo - State.
A man I first heard of his name at a party in Ogbomoso in 1987.
Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister was on bandstand that day. In those days when partying and merry making was an all night affair. A till cockcrow at down matter. And I heard Ayinde Barrister crooning the praises of one "Alao Ade o, omo Akala" and his band boys chorused "heeen à heeen" etc.
So, as a typical "tùngbá" parties lover and merry maker, Akala and Yinka got along very well, when he was then the Oyo State governor.
Barry Wonder
I knew a man called Akala
existed the day he was
on bandstand.
So that even if Ayefele want to build a structure right in the middle of the road along Challenge/Lagos Road, the plan will be approved pro bono!
But one thing Yinka never took cognisance of was that a time will come when a king that "knoweth not Joseph" will one day ascend the throne and occupy the Government House in Agodi. And it did happened.
No matter the seemingly
chummy rapport,
stepping on the new
Pharaoh's toe was a
matter of time
And one Ajiboye, a biased partisan  journalist pro - Akala and his party and anti ruling party currently in Oyo State, in his days in a newspaper house, in Ibadan did not help but rather worsened matters. Ayefele appointed a typically rabidly politically biased man in the helm of his corporate affairs! Here was a man I blocked from my Facebook wall when his blind political partisanship was getting on my nerves and getting out of hand.
Therefore, stepping on the toes of the new Pharaoh rather than relating well with him like he did with Akala, was a matter of time. And step on his toes they did, with time.
Had Ayefele had the hindsight of a diviner that consults his oracle every 5 days, he would have foreseen another Pharaoh and strictly abide by the building regulations of Oyo State in building his music house.
That stitch in time of just a nine feet setback from the road would have saved nine.
Alao Akala
More than an entertainment patron but a
godfather to Yinka Ayefele
So that even if the new Pharaoh want to fry or roast you, as long as you don't rub vegetable oil on your body, he will have to look at some other way. The worst he could do is maybe ban your music in his state radio airwaves or report your station to NBC. Just an 8 or 7 even 10 feet set back from the road would have save the day. Their excuses of a staircase or restaurant not in the original building plan wouldn't have flown a kite.
Here are Pharaohs who are out to demolish a world class ultra modern private university in Ede, in State of Osun and establish in it's place a clay pot factory.
Or what could be more hilarious?
Demolishing an ultra modern private university
 in Ede, and establishing a clay pot factory
in its place?
Yinka Ayefele, God will build you another and bigger and more eye  popping edifice.
It is not the end of the road Yinka. Life must go on. Therefore move on and keep trusting God to do it again for you. Let this bring the best out of you, not the worst.

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