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A Sunday Like This In 2014: Soji Omole

Could the delay in
announcement of results this
Sunday 2018, be computer error
or low network?

A Not Too Funny Reminiscence.

By this time of Sunday in year 2014, the result has been declared. So why the delay in announcement of results this Sunday 2018, as at this time? Computer error or low network or both?
I was on my way to Government House Chapel Jimeta Yola, for Sunday service when an Estate Surveyor  friend of mine - Abdullahi, called me just as I was by the gate of Government House Dougirei, that the result has been declared in favour of my then candidate, whom I was even nicknamed after, by another good friend - Robert Musa Wabba.
Caught red handed
in electoral
Na so I rejoiced and danced my way into the chapel, o. Only to get there and meet stone cold faces. Even my hitherto paddies we took liberty with each other, gave me cold shoulders! Plus including the then Chaplain, who was more of a spiritual father to me.
Where have I missed the mark?
Or rather where have I missed the mark of His high calling?!
It was after the service was over that they now began to discuss in groups, about how PDP fielded a not too marketable candidate. Et cetera ad infinitum.

It was then it dawned on me that I was a hard-line Hutu in the midst of equally hard-line Tutsi rebels.

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