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Why Won't The Economy Go Into Recession Again?

Why won't it slip back into recession?

The one who used her brain, experience and expertise to pull it out of recession, has been accused of not having genuine NYSC certificate. And she honourably resigned and returned to Britain her country and land of her birth.
Or was it her country that is having economic recession? So she have left your country for you. Haba, it is even good we were warned on time of what is coming. Taking cognisance of the records and antecedents of the current finance minister, regarding everything she touched in her working career. From defunct NITEL to..........now Federal Ministry of Finance.
Home sweet home to her land of birth. Leaving these hard to please ingrates and their cabal task
masters to their economic fate
Just as it happened in the days of Biblical Elisha's prophecy on Samaria economic recovery, when a man countered it to which Elisha countered back the man with grievous consequences, so it was when this woman was grappling with Nigeria's economic recovery some years back.
An Ikorodu high chief politician, economist playwright and ex minister son of a late eminent businessman wrote her off.  He spoke absolute and hopeless doom on her and her efforts to reposition Nigeria's economy. All inside a Saturday Punch newspaper edition.
I wrote a post on this same blog to sound a prophetic warning to that man. But too late, as the man never lived to see Nigeria economy improved, much more of partaking in it.
Now that Nigeria is out of recession it is time to dump her by ingrate political bigots permanently blindfolded to reality by blind political partisanship? Or a cabal and hawks whose only trade marks are greed and selfishness?
Every trade and profession has their secrets. Does any of them non - finance management professionals know the structures and strategies this woman put in place - as a professional - to steer Nigeria economy out of recession and keep steering it to the promised land?
But the political bigots and cabals would have none of this.
E ò ní bó ñnúnè léléyi, o. T'èpè kó. Eyin aláìmoore aláînítélórùn gbogbo. Bunch of hard to please ingrates and political bigots!
Go arrest her naw, and begin to prosecute her. Then shall ye knoweth that she is a British citizen by birth. Who only cometh to help you out. And now that you have sent her packing the next thing is to prosecute her again? Eléríi buú gbogbo, bi àsà àwón ará Ìlorin.
And if it is the handiwork of the so called cabals, all these years of your cabalisation and cannibalisation, are your 'fiple' better off?
Is it not to be gathering harems of wives and giving birth to children like rats? (dêdêê mèràwò, Soji dédêê mèràwò.....kada nkada fa!)
I learnt their 'fiple' now stone them each time any of them dare visit their constituencies! That is just the beginning.  Wait until hunger begin to flog them harder, especially now that the economy is going off course again. It is with iron rods and pellets they will stone them with this time! Kai!!! Haba, kena!!? Can't people think ahead?

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