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Principles On The Altar Loyalty?


A comment by Foluke Martins on Richard Akinola's status on Facebook.
"Calling Jagaban a political strategist is super annoying.
When NdiFulani "benjured" him the other time what stopped him from applying his senseless strategies?
Not until recently that he was picked from the dumpster to carry on with his boy- boy/man Friday assignments"

Dumpster means dustbin. He was dumped by the cabals straight into the dustbin after take over of power in 2015. Even hijacking of the Senate by Saraki and House of reps was part of the ploy to frustrate him and his candidates, Lawan especially. And the hand of Esau and voice of Jacob of NdiFulani, Myetti Life Paatron was CLEARLY visible. We even learnt he made a good laugh out of the National Assembly comedy that saw an opposition becoming a Deputy Senate president. Never in the history of party democracy to have an opponent in the mainstream. But Myetti's Patron's and his cabals ploy was to clip Afonja's wing by all means! A conspiracy that later backfired with a defending bang that nearly grounded his administration!!!
Elections took place in Edo, Kogi and Ondo states months later, the cabals made sure they frustrated Afonja and his candidates.....he nearly became a non entity and personal no grata in Aso Villa.
Even his wife Oluremi attested to this publicly. Aisha of the oza room inclusive! Thank God for women. They could be very frank and categorical in stating the TRUTH.
Then came last year 2018, when elections was a year away. Then do They began to woo Sisi Caro again with what they knew were "her" greatest weakness - FLATTERIES and CASH. And they got "her"!
Ever since they got her, anything "she" says in Lagos and Osun became law. Because they need their "Man Friday" again for 2019 elections hatchet job!
Àñtorí Òjàá jà, Òjá ní kín náñ se léhìnkùnlé òun.
The hijacker of the upper chamber now looking at his conspirator - in - chief with disdain
I hope the hard-line Hutus can now understand where am coming from. That is their blindfolds of fanatism will let.
I can't and I won't sacrifice principles on the altar of blind political loyalty. Ó doódì!
Àtúnbòtán alábòsí ò ní bósi.

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