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Who Is Owing Who?

I still maintain my hard-line stance against him and opposed to his candidature, win or lose. No apologies.
Yes! Because I owe not any.
But I remain opposed to him for life and eternity. His 2nd, 3rd or 4th regime cannot and shall not and shall never in any way hinder my way forward. As for me and my household, it is forward ever and backward NEVER.
Things can only be getting better and better
Let any group that maybe threatened by his herdsmen butchers mobilise themselves, return to the drawing board, look inwards and find a way of defending themselves. It can't just be business as usual for these butchers of middle belt.
Atukulated or no Atikulated, my opposition is to a candidate and his venomous butchers. Let him touch any religious institution and see red. And I mean red! I dare him! My opposition is NOT to any political party but to him and his candidature. I remain committed to progressive principles, ideals and ideology to the core. Never and never and can never be a conservative. Mí ò lè se egbé "demo" laelae, under the guise of whatever political party or slogan.
Underage voting, rigging, and sundry electoral malpractices, who are first to lay the foundation?
I grew up to hear the history of their nefarious activities right from independence and witnessed same activities in the hey days of NPN. If it is rigging, impunity, thuggery or election manipulation with state machinery backed with Federal might, they are the ones that laid the foundation. It is the foundation you lay that others build on. Truth, no hold barred! So who ever is now rigging them out of an election, to me, it is pay day and payback time for them!
My stand and opposition is against a candidate not really a particular party.
And win or lose, my stand and opposition against him remains hard-line for life and eternity. No apologies.
Can the candidate test his
popularity like Kagame?
The era of decree 4 or 2 or 5 is over. This is democracy. Where one has the right to support or oppose any candidate. This time I remain opposed to him, win or lose. No apologies. I owe no one any.

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