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My Permanent Interest

When electoral fraud and banditry was practised by a party in 2007, we all rose up against it. Now it is being practised by another party, should we look the oza way? Nope. What is good for the geese must be good for the gander.
I was a stalwart of the party that was cheated in 2007. And we all resisted the fraud and banditry in Osun - State, until justice was  done in 2010.
But the mistake many of my co - travelers in the party train made was to take me as a political animal, who follows a party, both logo and slogan blindly and dogmatically with a spill over of fanaticism. It was not until the man we rooted for in governance at state level in the party, began to misbehave that they saw my true colours! I began to speak against the same man. Online and offline.
Yes, same man I was sticking out my neck for in 2007!
Until his acts of misgovernance became a full blown aid for the whole world to see, I raised alarm and kept warning. And I began to make a lot of enemies among his blind followers.
- That am in a political party does not mean I should condone misgovernance from the candidate.
- That am in a political party does not mean I should support any candidate it fields for any office, knowing his violent pedigrees, antecedents and rash character in words and utterances. Since 2015 when he was fielded for the centre office, I had my reservations.
And when finally he came to power, his antecedents let loose and became full blown to the horror of all. Every vow of "if I dare come to power" he made with his herdsmen on their way out of Agodi Secretariat, where they were disgraced by Lam Adesina, when they came for a protest, he kept to the letters in a matter of 3 years. And I should be wielding a broom after such a man?
How much more of now that I have thrown away both the broom and the umbrella.
What I stick to in politics is NOT the "political animal" BUT "No permanent friends, no permanent enemies but permanent interest"
What then is my permanent interest politics? Wake me up 2am in the night, I will tell you - GOOD governance.
When you stray away from this and begin to cover up your tracks with your blind followers and bootlickers, I will simply be laughing at you. Because I don turn my back on you be that, o. Even if I have voted for you in the first place, certainly you won't have my vote again another time.
How much more of someone I got my reservations for based on his pedigree and violent antecedents in words and action?
To blindfold my eyes and follow such a man all in the name of party politics will hurt my conscience and destiny here and hereafter.

Am not a political animal. My permanent interest in politics is good governance.
- Safety and security of lives and properties.
- Food on the table of all
- Job security for all
- A condusive business environment to transact and make profit in business and expand it to boost the economy.
- Sound health care delivery system.
- Be accountable to the electorate in day to day running of affairs of the state. Which is good stewardship.
- Maintainance of infrastructural and public utilities such as the power sector to generate all round 24 hour electricity supplies, water sesupplies, efficient transport system, and other sundry public utilities. Not giving tales by moonlight on their low on non performance.
- Keeping your campaign promises to the letter, not making excuses and covering up with fairy tales and propaganda. Or as a last resort employing the blame game.
What is the bane of development in Nigeria? Of course bad governance and bad leadership.
No permanent friends, no permanent
enemies but permanent interests
BUT the worst of it all is BAD FOLLOWERSHIP. Your leaders are derailing and fumbling in  performance in governance, yet you keep hailing them with brooms and umbrellas, chanting party slogans wearing party logos, even if that is all you have to show for him being in power. BAD FOLLOWERSHIP!
And because these leaders know their onions, they will always get away with their misdeeds once they hype you to a blind cult followership. Or at worst DIVIDE AND RULE you breaking you into two opposing forces! Lobatan!
The Ashantis in Ghana told their fellow tribesmen politicians. "Feel free to rule and govern but make governance condusive for us to do our business"
And it was a deal. The Ashantis control the Ghana economy, others take care of governance. GOOD governance.
So, my interest in politics is - GOOD governance.
And I will remain a permanent friend of any who governs well and not a friend of a politician or political party, broom or umbrella.
My own political symbol would have been my PVC to vote any candidate of my choice in and out office. Which again I have to put in the thermo flask, since such vote may not count. As the original result may grow legs and be substituted for another, before it gets to the collation centre at the capital city.
Ex Rwandan Leader.
Wasted by own bad followers?
Therefore the party logo and slogan I will continue to wield without fear of opposition or contradiction, is the freedom of expression democracy allotted me. To speak no hold barred, on any matter related to governance and politics, irrespective of party logo.
I rest my case.

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