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Overconfidence: The Genesis Of Over Speeding

The root of over speeding on a
 highway is over confidence
Fellow Nigerians, we are close to victory.
Things have fallen apart among the bloc already and the centre can no longer hold again. With all hitherto blinded mind open, it's no longer business as usual.
So they resorted to brute force and brigandage! A brigandage that want to take advantage of the partiality of their man in government and in power to "kuma" go for the kill. Capture the nation once and for all and dip the book in the Atlantic, to fulfil the vision of their progenitor!
With their man in power, they felt the road is clear to go for the kill?
Before, it used to be North, One North; yes, Arewa. And this fake political mantra of "one North" they used to deceive and scam the over 350 ethnic minorities as Nigeria was approaching nationhood. They oppressed and stripped their fathers naked and raped their mothers for years, yet they scammed and 419ed them with "One North".
T. Y. Danjuma;
He stuck out his neck in July 1966 because of
"The North" Having been fooled with the "One North" political mantra. To be pelted with insults decades later by boys old enough to be his grandchildren
 from the same "North"
Even T.Y. Danjuma whose ancestors suffered from their hands just like the remants of their offsprings are still suffering today in their hands in Taraba, initially carried this mantra of "One North" on his head in July 1966 counter coup. Which pushed him to abduct and kill his own boss, and his host at Government House Agodi, Ibadan.
The prodigal son "came to himself"?
But it looks like the boss is talking him 
out of it with more leftover husks
This same Danjuma they are now decades later pelting with raw eggs of insult, even by boys the age of his grand children! So, moment by moment the wind kept blowing to expose the private part of their fowls.
Why? OVER CONFIDENCE. With this, they exposed themselves and showed the whole world who they truly are. And this has made everybody drew the battle line!
They kept changing strategies, yet they kept meeting brick walls! From Cattle ranch to cow colony to what they now call "RUGA" they kept getting floored on their bare backs?
It is not only over speeding that kills, over confidence kills faster.
Conducting a parade of one of the nations uniformed security forces in raw vernacular!
Or is not even over confidence that leads a vehicle driver to over speeding?
But why are they now over speeding? Why are they now galloping at such a neck breaking speed?
Their man in government has just 3 years to go. So they got to speed up things to accomplish their agenda. In 3 years time their grand patron access to Nigeria treasury will be over!
Even if he does not hand over power to the south the possibility of handing over to another of their ethnic nationality in the north is very slim. So this is their time! They must be recklessness with their speed!
The reward of a wicked generation.
Another "reckless driver"
facing the music
And recklessly they have been speeding! Even mobilising a unit of one of the nations uniformed security forces that conducts a parade in their local language! (watch the video).
Speeding with lawless recklessness!
But a Toyota Landcruiser that took off from Ojota in Lagos at 6a.m. in the morning with a plan to reach Abuja by 8a.m same morning, solely depending on it's capacity to cruise at high speed will end up a write off!
So their global image as a race is now a write off! Especially at this internet age. There is no place on planet earth that they have not been notorious and where images and videos of their atrocities have not gotten to. Even on the global terror index! But a reckless driver cares not a hoot until he and his vehicle somersault finally!
Paying grievously for over confidence: with shame and humiliation of a disgraceful arrest
Their over confidence has exposed them and will finally bury them alive!
They got AK 47s, including the ones hidden inside the seat achabas of their advance team of boys in Lagos and all over Southwest and Niger Delta, posing as okada riders. Forgetting that "the weapons of our warfare" in especially here in Southwest  are not carnal! Be it local content or heavenly content!!
This they remembered but too late! So they resorted to fake diplomacy. Fake diplomacy of Trojan horse trading. The one they did with the British and Afonja in Ilorin. Sending emissaries to this, paying courtesy visits to that. Too late!
The price of over confidence; these ones are not even out of religious interest but
personal gain. And the law caught up with them
Even offering to set up vigilante groups to catch their own! Ever heard of cats forming a vigilante over protection of rats? Or foxes forming vigilante over protection of cockerels? Or monkeys forming a vigilante over protection of banana plantations?
A fake diplomacy that won't fly a kite. A fake diplomacy that is dead on arrival.
Because their overconfidence coupled with their nefarious historical antecedents, have made everybody in The South, East,  and Southwest, even in the middle belt to draw a battleline code named "NEVER AGAIN!"
"Egbesu" boys; regrouping again and battle ready to dare them and their "book" as they advance to
the Atlantic Ocean to dip it
With the exception of sell outs, the likes of errand boys peddling lies at $50 apiece in US and the one who out of his inordinate ambition to chair the governors forum, sold his "kete" people to cows and herders; their overconfidence has drawn the battleline!
A battleline and battle plan the sharks, whales, crocs and hippos in the Atlantic can't just wait for their implementation.
Coming to terms with the fact that Yoruba
weapons of warfare are not carnal, they resorted to the fabled trojan horse system of sending emissaries and paying courtesy calls and visits
Rwanda maybe landlocked, Nigeria is NOT. If they don't know, let them ask. We are bordered by coastal lines at the southern axis. Straight and direct to the Atlantic ocean. The Atlantic beasts, yeah the alligators, sharks and water pythons of Bonny Island, Brass Island, Opobo, Port Harcourt, Yenegoa, Ilaje, Badagry, Calabar and Kuramo water side and coastal lines, are waiting to have a big party.
Over confidence indeed kills faster that over speeding.

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