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The Trojan Horse Again? No! Not Again!

United we stand. And God forbid us divided, lest we fall.
Please let us be united. Let there be a synergy and harmony. Planning a security summit for a future date, is still theoretical, compared to the current PRACTICAL atrocities ongoing by these aliens and invaders. And a SUDDEN "U" TURN by a "cultural" group who of course is their kinsmen and sympathetic to their cause and mission, to cooperate with OPC is a trojan horse.
The same horse sold to Aare Afonja by Alimi. Let's not repeat same mistake again.
Let there be a caveat of "NEVER AGAIN"
Even after the British captured them in Sokoto and summarily  executed their Sultan by firing squad, they still made a "U" turn and sold the same dummy of cooperation to the British.
Yes! Yes! Yes! They sold them the dummy of cooperation to help the British govern and collect taxes from the rest over 350 ethnic nationalities in the north with the dragon of INDIRECT RULE SYSTEM.
And the British fell flat for it.
When an hitherto enemy that has been resisting and attacking you and your own suddenly turn friendly and get ready to work with you, watch your back. Na them. Na their age long strategy. They did to the British, they did to Afonja and they can still do it to any.
Can one stand before a moving train?
Our wise counsel to Aare Gani is for him to be discreet and circumspect in all things and not play into their hands like Aare Afonja did. Let not Aare Gani fall for any trojan horse. Our warning to Gani Adams is - watch your back! And watch your sides.......

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