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Far Better Than Weapons Of War

My final take so far on the manoeuvre of these aliens for the past five years? Even their scheming that has always been dead on arrival each time it lands? Let the good people of Nigeria mobilise on how to defend themselves. And if anybody is mad for asking a group of over 500 ethnic nationalities TO DEFEND THEMSELVES against an army of aliens and invaders, let him hang for all we care.
Wisdom is precious than fine gold.
The Yorubas for example can liaise with their kinsmen in Sabe in Benin republic to boost, build and mobilise their "local content" invisible armoury.....
It is possible that the president of Benin Republic recent visit to Nigeria may be for briefings and updates on what his gendarmes suffered in the hands of Sabe Yorubas in a recent clash at their Ajase base. Probably to warn any who care to listen, to thread softly or else....... Because they - he and his host - met behind closed doors.
Beninoise Gendarmes, pointing the nozzle of their guns and shooting at the invisible.
The Beninoise and international press may play down or outrightly black out what happened between Sabe Yorubas and Benin gendarmes. But we have our information here. It was on good authority that the Benin republic gendarmes could not see who were fighting them when the battle got hot between them and the Yoruba Sabes.
And Sabe is four hours drive to Lagos? Even a phone call away!
Local content defence
forces at Sabe
One is not surprised that it was after the Beninoise leader's visit that the Inspector General of Police sent emissaries to Gani Adams on the way forward.
Afterall, Nigerian soldiers can still physically see boko haram insurgents to engage in a shoot out. But in a situation you can't see who is fighting you, where do you ditect the nozzle of your AK 47?!! And with GSM age, news travel faster. We are not then surprised when suddenly, the Emir of Borgu felt it's been a long time since he saw his "friend" the Ooni of Ife and paid him a courtesy visit, in his domain.
Gendarmes burying their dead
To be followed by a release from the presidency, what looks like some how soft pedalling. Stating that Ruga is not being forced on all states. But that word **migrant pastoralists** gave them away again. Haba! Migrants that you don't know their antecedents and character? How can you just invite them over to come and live in your land? Or how can you just invite in a visitor you don't do a background check on to come and stay under your roof for one night? Not to talk of permanently.
Let not any Nigerian buy their trojan horse, as they are:
1). Trying to buy time.
2). And as they buy time, explore the possibility of infiltrating our file and ranks to know some of our secrets on how we plan to defend ourselves. For example their deadly bait of a joint vigilante group. Which thank God was dead on arrival again!
Beninoise gendarmes learnt the African Xperience
the hard way.
I have never heard of monkeys forming a vigilante to protect a banana plantation. Or foxes forming a vigilante to protect a poultry of cockerels!!
Our advantage over them is very wide. For they can't think beyond the level of intelligence of what they keep company with everyday. What they keep company with? I leave you to hazard a guess. That is why their weapons have always been:
- raw cash
- brute force
- violence and
- threats.
But the Yoruba's say ".....ogbón j'agbára lo" And The Bible, God's word ACCURATELY translated it to support them in the book of Ecclesiastes that "wisdom is better than weapons of war"
Benin gendarmes conventional weaponry, until local content weaponry from Sabe put them
where they belongs
Yorubas are wise as serpents, Igbos are smart as birds, Warris in Niger delta no dey carry last, the core Hausas are jerking back to their senses and getting wiser. Especially the youths and non elites, many of whom they have turned to beggars and almajiris. And the middle belt ethnic nationalities have had enough. Enough of a century long oppression. Only to be blindfolded again by the political gauze of  "One North" at independence, when they would have used their better education and civilization to break their shackles off their necks. Retired General T.Y. Danjuma is still biting his fingers in regret till date. Why won't he, when urchins and scoundrels the age of his grandchildren began to insult him on social media?
What crime could Theophilus Danjuma have committed? Asking his people to defend themselves against their onslaughts, now that the gauze of "One North" is torn and their real agenda over the ages has unfolded.
"Wisdom is a defence" the Bible posits again. This Book, not the ones they are planning to dip in the Atlantic ocean, but The Bible is a manual and compass of life. It speaks on the laws that rules and governs life. The Book's verdict is among many others are:
1). Wisdom is a defence.
2). Wisdom is better than weapons of war.
Wisdom will continue to put
them on the floor where they
rightfully belonged
Wisdom will defend any group of people against others whose sole weapons are, raw cash, brute force, violence and brigandage.
Not only that, it will defeat them with a resounding victory.
That was why all they have got to show for the past five years since their patron got to power was violence and brigandage. And nothing more. And they will have nothing but nothing not more to show for it!
Not even with their latest Ruga settlement. Finally, all highlighted here are done in metaphorical parables, while we keep details of all the rest under wraps, with the ace close to our chests. For to unfold all is to be like them. But all we are saying to all Nigerians is  that these aliens and invaders will fail again and again.
They will not only lick the dust in defeat, they
shall roll in it.
To all Nigerians, BE OF GOOD COURAGE, stand firm and be ready to defend themselves. And in so doing, they should not only rely on carnal weapons. But maximise the realm of the invisible to the fullest - both local content and the realm of the heavenlies. 

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