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What Of Zero Grazing?

A friend of mine on social media was asked by another Zambian friend last week why ‘Zero-Grazing’ was not being deployed in Nigeria - because most countries are adapting this method.  My friend answered back that she never heard about it and he thoroughly explained.  Thereafter, I wonder why our Government are not making life easier for the herdsmen by adopting this method .....
What is ZERO-Grazing?
Under the zero-grazing system, cattle are CONFINED in one place where feed and water are brought to the animals. Other animal husbandry activities such as animal health, are also carried out under zero grazing.....
I then remembered that during festivities, this system is used when sheep and goats are brought in to be sold.
Why is this not deployed on a larger scale?
Just asking.........................................

And just answering.............................

Even Sambisa forest in upper Nigeria, can be converted to this Zero Grazing zone. With all the infrastructures and facilities on ground, on this massive strip of land!
But it goes beyond their cows. It is a covert expansionism agenda and land grabbing as a homeland their for their hitherto wandering nomadic kith and kins that they want by fire by thunder! And their weapons of warfare are very carnal and banal.
Forgetting that nobody has monopoly brigandage and violence. Forgetting also that conventional weapons and brute animal force are not the only weapons of fighting and winning battles. Let them ask our war legends in Yorubaland, Benin Kingdom and Sabe in Benin Republic.

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